New AMRS L impulse single motor altitude record

The Australian Model Rocket Society Records Committee is excited to announce a new L impulse single motor altitude record of 6,749m/22,142' set by Warren McKay at Westmar, Qld on 26 September 2015.

Warren flew a 54mm Minimum Diameter rocket, Light Sabre, on a CTI 6GXL L935. Light Sabre is constructed of Filament Wound Fibreglass, used 2x Missileworks RRC3 altimeters, a Big Red Bee 900 for altitude data and tracking, is 73.7 inches long, and weighed 177oz on the pad.

It was a great flight to watch, and after such an amazing altitude, Light Sabre was recovered 720m from the pad!

Well done, Warren! We hope to see more of your flights in the future!

Matthew Small
AMRS Records Committee Chair

Light Sabre - Warren
Light Sabre - Flight

Light Sabre - KML


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