About AMRS

About the Australian Model Rocket Society Inc.

The Australian Model Rocket Society Inc. (AMRS) was founded by several affiliate rocketry groups already established across Australia. It was formed to address the growing need for a national organization that could attend to issues and topics relating to model rocketry on a national level. AMRS is also able to support organisations with state based matters.

The primary objectives of AMRS are to:
1.     Provide insurance to its members and member groups.
2.     Provide a common voice for its member groups and associates.
3.     Provide a forum and meeting point for discussion of technical matters and regulatory review.
4.     To make representation to government authorities.
5.     Provide support to all model rocket flyers and enthusiasts, including both independent flyers and members of rocketry clubs.

The AMRS also;

1.      Recognizes the legitimate testing, safety, and certification schemes of appropriately qualified organizations, as outlined on the Organisations Page.

Whilst AMRS advocates for its various member groups, it also exists to serve the broader rocketry community, and seeks to be inclusive rather than exclusive.



 AMRS defined .

Separate elements working together as one for a common goal. Each element, while having similar characteristics, is still different and separate.
Does not originate from a single part of the country. Reinforces the coming together / common goal motif.
Simple lines, reduces overall complexity and clutter.
Placed at the bottom of the map across its width. Represents a strong foundation. Incorporates common design elements.

AMRS utilises the Australian Rocketry Forum as a forum for public discussion on various rocketry topics.

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