Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge

Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge Inc.
The Australian Model Rocket Society Inc. is a proud supporter of the Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge.

The purpose of the Challenge is to teach students aerospace science and systems engineering by having them design and build a safe and stable model rocket that lifts a fragile payload (one raw egg) to exactly 825 feet and has a flight duration of 48 to 50 seconds, at the end of which it returns this payload to earth safely and undamaged using a parachute recovery system.

With set mission goals, AYRC will test theoretical and practical skills through the use of mathematics, physics, history, aerodynamics plus many more, unlike any other challenge.

Rocketry is not only a great way to learn, but it’s also loads of fun. Students in years 1 - 12 from schools and NFP organisations can enter the challenge.

The 2017 challenge see three rounds, starting off in Victoria on Saturday 17 June, follows by Western Australia on Saturday 24 June and the finals in Queensland on Saturday 22 July!

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2015 Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge

2015 Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge