New AMRS M Impulse Single Motor Altitude Record

The Australian Model Rocketry Society's April Launch, hosted by the Queensland Rocketry Society, was held over the weekend of 9 April 2016 at the Westmar high altitude site in Western Queensland, Australia. During the event Nic Lottering flew his 3" minimum diameter rocket "No Big Deal II" on a CTI M2245 to a GPS confirmed altitude of 45,554' AGL (=46,397' MSL; Launch site elevation = 843' MSL). The maximum velocity recorded was 2,323 MPH (3738.5 KMH) at approx. 6,500' AGL equating to an altitude-corrected velocity of Mach 3.12. The rocket was recovered 2.7km NNE from the launch site with full flight data from 2 x Ravens and 1 x 70cm Beeline GPS.

This flight is higher than the Single Motor M-class record of 45,328' AGL set at XPRS (Black Rock Desert, Nevada USA; Launch site elevation = approx. 4,000' MSL) in 2008. It's not every day world records are broken, yet over the past weekend such an event took place.

The AMRS Records Committee has extensively reviewed Nic's supplied flight data and we're thoroughly impressed with his results. Committee Member Chris Barnes was also on hand to witness the flight officially. As such the Records Committee has unanimously approved Nic's Record Application. Congratulations to Nic Lottering for his new M impluse single motor altitude record!

Drew Hamilton
AMRS Records Committee Chair

Nic Lottering M2245 Flight
Nic Lottering M2245 Flight Path
Nic Lottering M2245 GPS Data

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